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Summary0000710: PI chain - Add an additional IPH value reflecting chain complexity

I was wondering if IPH shown on the PI profitability chart is actually a useful metric when comparing PI chains.

I’d suggest keeping IPH, but instead of calculating how long the chain goes from start to finish, instead sum up all of the time spent in the chain, even things that are in parallel.

For example, if something sells for 100 isk, and if it has two inputs that each take 1 hour to produce, and the final product takes 1 hour to produce, it would say that the isk per hour is 100/(2 hrs) = 50. If something takes three inputs, each takes 1 hour to produce and the final product also takes 1 hour, the isk/hr is still 50, even though you had to use more planets and factories to produce the item.

With the proposed approach, the first case would be 100/3 = 33.3 isk/hr and the second case would be 100/4 = 25 isk per hour. Which makes sense because the first case is more profitable than the second, since you use one less planet/factory chain that can be used for something else instead.
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