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Initial raw site with working SSO login
0000370: [Feature Request] CreditRating - Create history view (Successor)
0000468: [Bug] Loans - "Other loans" shows the current loan too (Successor)
0000466: [Feature Request] Loans - Create a loan information page (Successor)
0000467: [Bug] Loans - Endorsement of own loan (Successor)
0000457: [Feature Request] Wallet - Register and show transfered to and from reserved (Successor)
0000465: [Feature Request] Loans - Have the loan state colored in loan request and loan invest lists (Successor)
0000464: [Bug] Loans - Submitted loan requests have wrong interest and redemption values stored (Successor)
0000463: [Bug] Loans - Requestor credit rating seems to be fixed in requests list (Successor)
0000462: [Bug] Loan - You can invest into your own loan request (Successor)
0000456: [Feature Request] Loans - Show past investments of requester on loan invest page (Successor)
0000455: [Feature Request] Loans - Show investors on loan invest page (Successor)
0000453: [Feature Request] Loans - Allow cancelation of a loan (Successor)
0000452: [Feature Request] Loans - Create a "My loans" page (Successor)
0000451: [Feature Request] Loans - Change load ID to a random ID instead of ascending (Successor)
0000449: [Feature Request] Loan - Create hourly cron to expire loan requests (Successor)
0000450: [Feature Request] Loans - Create a loan status change history (Successor)
0000418: [Feature Request] Lending - Show match history (Successor)
0000417: [Feature Request] Lending - Show current own offers or bid (Successor)
0000411: [Feature Request] Wallet - Show wallet traffic (Successor)
0000410: [Feature Request] Lending - Implement matches (Successor)
0000409: [Feature Request] Lending - Show lending matches (Successor)
0000390: [Feature Request] Loan list - Allow quick actions for invest and endorse (Successor)
0000375: [Feature Request] Loans - Create loan collateral workflow (Successor)
0000389: [Feature Request] Consistency - Add collateral to checks (Successor)
0000374: [Feature Request] Loans - Create loan collateral DB infrastructure (Successor)
0000372: [Feature Request] Consistency - Add loan request and investment checks (Successor)
0000371: [Feature Request] Consistency - Create script to check wallet consistency (Successor)
0000369: [Feature Request] CreditRating - Create formula for posive/negative impact (Successor)
0000368: [Feature Request] CreditRating - Develop system and create DB infrastructure (Successor)
0000367: [Feature Request] Loans - Create loan endorsement workflow (Successor)
0000366: [Feature Request] Loans - Create workflow for loan investments (Successor)
0000365: [Feature Request] Loans - Create loan investment DB infrastructure (Successor)
0000273: [Feature Request] Show bank account balance after login (Successor)
0000359: [Feature Request] Wallet - Split wallet balance into free, reserved and total (Successor)
0000292: [Feature Request] Add a "development instance" header (Successor)
0000291: [Feature Request] Implemented piwik visitor tracking (Successor)
0000290: [Feature Request] Show last login in header (Successor)
0000272: [Feature Request] Create bank account upon first login (Successor)
0000234: [Feature Request] SSO - Implement CCP SSO Login (Successor)
0000233: [Feature Request] Create basic site framework (Successor)
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