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Price comparison and structure history
0000684: [Bug] ESI type check - Market group ID change not detected (Successor)
0000682: [Bug] Commodity details - Some items have no price history even with active market orders (Successor)
0000683: [Bug] Commodity details - Different region scope not selectable (Successor)
0000680: [Bug] Commodity details - Some items have no market path and link (Successor)
0000681: [Feature Request] Commodity details - Market path has a trailing slash (Successor)
0000676: [Feature Request] Contract profit - Create a ranking page (Successor)
0000675: [Feature Request] Contracts - Show details page (Successor)
0000672: [Feature Request] Contracts - Calculate profitability of contracts (Successor)
0000673: [Feature Request] MER - Import August 2018 MER (Successor)
0000670: [Feature Request] Contracts - Calculate 7 day avg price (Successor)
0000671: [Feature Request] Contracts - Show contract price history of an item (Successor)
0000669: [Bug] PI chain - Plasma planets are shown as Barren (Successor)
0000667: [Feature Request] Contracts - Record also number of contracts (Successor)
0000666: [Feature Request] TinyButStrong - Upgrade library to 3.10.1 (Successor)
0000664: [Feature Request] Contracts - Record price history (Successor)
0000663: [Feature Request] Contracts - Create an importer for the new ESI endpoints (Successor)
0000662: [Bug] Market trends - Help screenshot doesn't include the link to market order browser (Successor)
0000643: [Feature Request] Structure list - Also list NPC structures if NPC owner selected (Successor)
0000656: [Feature Request] Hub trade type history - Link from menu and allow station and type selection (Successor)
0000657: [Bug] Hub type history - Minimum/Maximum estimation doesn't make any change (Successor)
0000658: [Bug] PI Ranking - Division by Zero error (Successor)
0000655: [Feature Request] Reprocessing ranking - Page that shows what is lucrative to reprocess (Successor)
0000654: [Feature Request] Reprocessing - Create a page like PI chain chart (Successor)
0000538: [Feature Request] Manufacturing profit - Determine future of page (Successor)
0000652: [Feature Request] Manufacturing profit - Create a new page (Successor)
0000647: [Feature Request] Graph Jumps - Create dedicated graph for gate jumps (Successor)
0000648: [Feature Request] Graph Jumps - Create dedicated graph for CCP kill data (Successor)
0000650: [Bug] Trade history - Empty price graph (Successor)
0000649: [Bug] Structure kills - Fix faction citadels (Successor)
0000651: [Feature Request] GraphP0rn - Redesign as a graph index (Successor)
0000645: [Feature Request] Graph - Ships and value lost in Abyssal space (and other regions) (Successor)
0000646: [Feature Request] MER - Import June 2018 MER (Successor)
0000642: [Bug] Structure history - Undefined index Notice (Successor)
0000639: [Bug] Structure owner - For some structures not stored (Successor)
0000636: [Feature Request] Add ESI status to API status page (Successor)
0000606: [Feature Request] CREST - Remove availability checker (Successor)
0000605: [Feature Request] CREST availability (Successor)
0000640: [Feature Request] Station info - Mark unknown names (Successor)
0000641: [Feature Request] MER - Import May 2018 (Successor)
0000638: [Bug] Material influence graphs - Undefined index (Successor)
0000634: [Bug] Structure stats - Count of Citadels graph broken (Successor)
0000635: [Bug] PI Ranking - Division by Zero error (Successor)
0000632: [Feature Request] Structure changelog - Add owner changes (Successor)
0000631: [Feature Request] Structure history - Add owner information and history (Successor)
0000630: [Feature Request] Structures - Capture owner information (Successor)
0000628: [Bug] Income history - Invalid index, invalid argument errors; empty graphs (Successor)
0000625: [Bug] Structure history - NPC stations not shown (Successor)
0000627: [Bug] Price charts - Several warning Undefined index (Successor)
0000626: [Bug] Price compare - Undefined index warnings (Successor)
0000623: [Bug] Location details - Lots of division by zeros for Jovian space (Successor)
0000622: [Bug] Manufacturing Calc - Broken page for type 617 (Successor)
0000609: [Bug] Kill graph - Top 5 alliances by kills has alliances without resolved names shown (Successor)
0000610: [Feature Request] Structure kill stats - Show graphs for refineries (Successor)
0000620: [Bug] PI history - Lots of errors if no parameter is selected (Successor)
0000619: [Bug] Material influence - Lots of undefined index errors (Successor)
0000618: [Bug] PI history - non-numeric value encountered (Successor)
0000617: [Bug] Price charts - Several errors if no categoryID is defined (Successor)
0000616: [Bug] Forecast history - Division by zero (Successor)
0000615: [Bug] Forecast history - Undefined index (Successor)
0000614: [Bug] PI chain profitability history - Undefined index (Successor)
0000613: [Bug] Material influence history - Division by Zero (Successor)
0000612: [Bug] Market orders - Undefined index: buy (Successor)
0000582: [Feature Request] Create an error handler that mails errors occuring in production (Successor)
0000604: [Feature Request] Players online - Remove XML API failover (Successor)
0000608: [Bug] Location details - Notices and empty graphs for Wormhole systems (Successor)
0000611: [Feature Request] Large trades - Change name link from location details to structure history (Successor)
0000607: [Feature Request] Margin finder - Create new tool (Successor)
0000603: [Bug] Structures - Non-Freeport structures with ranged buy orders don't update name (Successor)
0000581: [Feature Request] Structures - Store name and freeport history (Successor)
0000602: [Bug] Market orders - Filtering by structure only partially working (Successor)
0000601: [Feature Request] Structure stats - Consistent links (Successor)
0000600: [Bug] Structure stats - Unknown structure type shown as "#System" (Successor)
0000599: [Bug] Market hubs - System name always has system ID 0 (Successor)
0000598: [Bug] Commodity details - Old Plex causes a lot of warning (Successor)
0000580: [Feature Request] TypeID list - List also un-published types (Successor)
0000594: [Feature Request] Market structure graphs - Fix graphs (Successor)
0000597: [Feature Request] MER - Add regional stats comparison (Successor)
0000596: [Feature Request] MER - Add regional stats (Successor)
0000595: [Feature Request] MER - Add Production vs. Destruction vs. Mining Graph (Successor)
0000593: [Feature Request] Location details - Link cost indexes to dedicated page (Successor)
0000591: [Feature Request] Price comparison - Errors if a structure is first location and a region a following (Successor)
0000590: [Feature Request] Price and volume comparison graph (Successor)
0000589: [Feature Request] Price and volume comparison table (Successor)
0000588: [Bug] DB - In station price history there are record with buy price min and volume being 0 (Successor)
0000587: [Bug] Location details - Errors if Citadel is selected, graphs with no data (Successor)
0000586: [Bug] DB - CCP trade data missing for Jan till April 2015 (Successor)
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Released 2018-03-25
Final step to get rid of CREST
0000584: [Feature Request] Remove all CREST API and DB dependencies (Successor)
0000566: [Bug] Commodity details - Fix build cost for multiple production output (Successor)
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Released 2018-03-13
Market history back until 2003
0000558: [Feature Request] CacheVolDepth - Remove legacy tables (Successor)
0000560: [Feature Request] Characters - Remove legacy table (Successor)
0000577: [Feature Request] Price history - PLEX history back until 2003 (Successor)
0000579: [Feature Request] Commodity details - Forward fill old plex (Successor)
0000576: [Feature Request] Commodity details - Allow averaging of price and volume graphs (Successor)
0000578: [Feature Request] Commodity details - Allow non-published typeIDs (Successor)
0000574: [Bug] Location details - Kill graph has wrong description (Successor)
0000565: [Feature Request] Market search - Discontinue and delete (Successor)
0000559: [Feature Request] Characters - Remove legacy code (Successor)
0000557: [Feature Request] CacheVolDepth - Remove legacy code (Successor)
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Released 2018-03-02
First major rewrite to get rid of CREST
0000552: [Feature Request] Structure markets - Rewrite to new backend (Successor)
0000551: [Bug] Structure markets - Structure type #System (Successor)
0000536: [Feature Request] Market metrics - Adjust metric calculation to new backend (Successor)
0000477: [Feature Request] Orders import - Station and region metrics in own script (Successor)
0000476: [Feature Request] Orders import - Store high and low price history (Successor)
0000475: [Feature Request] Orders import - Change price history from last per day to daily average (Successor)
0000474: [Feature Request] Orders import - Implement "zero downtime" when updating prices (Successor)
0000472: [Feature Request] Orders import - Switch to ESI as primary source (Successor)
0000556: [Bug] Trade metrics - TBS errors shown (Successor)
0000547: [Bug] Market hubs - Structure type #System (Successor)
0000548: [Bug] Market hubs - Inconsistent structure naming (Successor)
0000550: [Feature Request] Market hubs - Default page slow (Successor)
0000546: [Bug] Market hubs - Player orders is zero in Jita? (Successor)
0000539: [Bug] Commodity details - Volume checkbox switched (Successor)
0000543: [Bug] Market trends - Price link to orders contains show-orders parameter (Successor)
0000545: [Bug] X-large - Check right table border (Successor)
0000549: [Bug] Cost index - Galaxy wide graph not shown (Successor)
0000535: [Feature Request] MER - Update values with 01/18 (Successor)
0000534: [Bug] MER - Sinks & Faucets wrong description (Successor)
0000530: [Feature Request] Prosper Forecast History - Port to new archive functions (Successor)
0000529: [Feature Request] Order volume - Filter of troll orders not applying anymore (Successor)
0000525: [Feature Request] Orderbook refresh - Add help screenshot (Successor)
0000528: [Bug] Info stations - Several spelling errors (Successor)
0000526: [Feature Request] Orderbook refresh - Link from other pages (Successor)
0000527: [Feature Request] Orderbook refresh - Add DoS protection (Successor)
0000519: [Feature Request] Orderbook refresh - Create a dedicated page (Successor)
0000524: [Bug] Querytime of station price history vs. region price history (Successor)
0000521: [Feature Request] Build cost - Split into archive tables (Successor)
0000510: [Feature Request] Price backend - Depth graph to use new market order table (Successor)
0000508: [Feature Request] Market order depth - Switch from cached to live view (Successor)
0000507: [Feature Request] Market order depth - Create dedicated graph page (Successor)
0000515: [Feature Request] In the press - Create page linking media which mention/use A4E (Successor)
0000513: [Feature Request] Market orders - Add help screenshot (Successor)
0000517: [Bug] Market orders - Commodity details link also applied to market/type groups (Successor)
0000518: [Bug] Market orders - Constellation filter causes SQL error (Successor)
0000506: [Feature Request] Backend - Switch PI Chain History to new price DB backend (Successor)
0000505: [Feature Request] Backend - Switch PI Chain to new price DB backend (Successor)
0000504: [Feature Request] Backend - Switch PI Profitability to new price DB backend (Successor)
0000503: [Feature Request] PI - Show last price import in profitability/chain (Successor)
0000502: [Feature Request] Industry cost index - Stats for complete new eden (Successor)
0000499: [Feature Request] Cost indexes - Dedicated page and bigger graph (Successor)
0000498: [Feature Request] MER - Update values (Successor)
0000496: [Feature Request] zKill - PreCalc daily destroyed stuff (Successor)
0000497: [Feature Request] zKill - Show history graph for items destroyed (Successor)
0000493: [Feature Request] Cleanup: Remove EveCentral price table from DB (Successor)
0000488: [Feature Request] Market trends - Rewrite calc to use new price DB schemas & store addition data (Successor)
0000489: [Feature Request] Market trends - Extend the market trends page with additional info (Successor)
0000490: [Feature Request] Market trends - Allow filtering for trade value (Successor)
0000492: [Feature Request] Market trends - Display how long ago values have been calculated (Successor)
0000491: [Feature Request] Market trends - Link current price column with market order viewer (Successor)
0000473: [Feature Request] Orders import - Use common storage for structure details (Successor)
0000460: [Feature Request] Imprint - Add "EVE Developer License Agreement" as per DevBlog (Successor)
0000461: [Feature Request] Imprint - Change Feedback Forum link to new forum (Successor)
0000459: [Feature Request] Jumps and kills - New importer using ESI and have XML as failover (Successor)
0000458: [Feature Request] SDE - Update CCP SDE to Lifeblood release (Successor)
0000447: [Feature Request] Player stats - Add XML API failover (Successor)
0000446: [Feature Request] MER - Import September MER values (Successor)
0000445: [Feature Request] PI chain - Add profit of product vs. selling the direct input products (Successor)
0000282: [Feature Request] PI - Allow for multi-step factory chains (Successor)
0000444: [Feature Request] PI chain - Add help screenshot (Successor)
0000436: [Feature Request] PI chain - Checkbox to import only specific node resources (Successor)
0000443: [Feature Request] PI - Profit over selling previous steps products (Successor)
0000442: [Feature Request] PI - Add info on P0 planets to chain chart (Successor)
0000441: [Feature Request] Patreon - Add Patreon link to footer icons (Successor)
0000440: [Bug] zKillboard - RedisQ importer not working anymore (Successor)
0000439: [Feature Request] MER - Add ISK sinks and faucets graph (Successor)
0000438: [Feature Request] dyGraph - Upgrade to v2.0.0 (Successor)
0000437: [Feature Request] MER - Add money supply graph (Successor)
0000431: [Feature Request] Commodity details - Add PLEX price to MPTC and others (Successor)
0000434: [Feature Request] ESI - Use the X-Pages header (Successor)
0000432: [Feature Request] ESI - Check for X-ESI-Error-Limit Headers (Successor)
0000430: [Feature Request] Market trend - Add help screenshot (Successor)
0000429: [Bug] Market trend - Title of boxes does not change by time scope (Successor)
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Released 2017-08-24
Quality of life changes to commodity detail page
0000293: [Feature Request] Commodity details - Check blueprints - Most price graphs are empty (Successor)
0000315: [Feature Request] Server status - Write importer for ESI server status endpoint (Successor)
0000413: [Feature Request] Material influence - Add viewed material to page title (Successor)
0000414: [Feature Request] Top volume orders - Add selected structure name to the page title (Successor)
0000428: [Feature Request] Commodity details - Add A4E order tracking data to volume graph (Successor)
0000425: [Feature Request] Commodity details - Allow volume graph > 6 month (Successor)
0000427: [Bug] Commodity details - Remove .0 decimal in volume graph (Successor)
0000426: [Feature Request] Commodity details - Align graphs with table width (Successor)
0000360: [Feature Request] Commodity details - Allow to sync timescale of price and volume graph (Successor)
0000423: [Feature Request] Commodity details - Explain build buy and build opt (Successor)
0000424: [Feature Request] Footer - Change forum link to new forum (Successor)
0000416: [Feature Request] ESI - Check for "Warning" header (Successor)
0000415: [Feature Request] ESI auth check via wallet endpoint - Replace old with new endpoint (Successor)
0000408: [Bug] Market tracker - Old orders counted as new ones and thus added to income multiple times (Successor)
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Released 2017-07-13
Market order tracker and pages presenting resulting data
0000406: [Feature Request] Change hardcoded version number in header to dynamic config one (Successor)
0000404: [Feature Request] Market tracker - Log new order statistics (Successor)
0000403: [Bug] Market tracker - Dead hubs fix empoweres the living (Successor)
0000402: [Bug] Market tracker - Dead structures don't die (Successor)
0000400: [Feature Request] Market hubs - Add A4E station income (Successor)
0000399: [Feature Request] Market hubs - Add A4E order tracker trade metrics (Successor)
0000398: [Feature Request] Market hubs - Rewrite to make more modular on station level (Successor)
0000397: [Feature Request] Broker fee income - Add overall income history to main menu (Successor)
0000395: [Feature Request] Broker fee income - Show overall income history (Successor)
0000394: [Feature Request] Broker fee income - Show income history (Successor)
0000381: [Feature Request] Structure markets - Split table from graphs (Successor)
0000393: [Feature Request] Market tracker - Show recent market trades with exceptionally high ISK value or price (Successor)
0000392: [Feature Request] Market tracker - Show recent market orders with exceptionally high order ISK value (Successor)
0000391: [Feature Request] Market tracker - Store extraordinary orders and trades (Successor)
0000388: [Bug] Structure metrics - Trade metrics not being pulled though structure is in top 20 (Successor)
0000386: [Feature Request] Homepage - Replace old PLEX by new one in Markettrends column (Successor)
0000385: [Feature Request] Remove PLEX split message from front page (Successor)
0000384: [Bug] API stats - Allowed memory size exhausted (Successor)
0000383: [Feature Request] Player stats - Create overview across different timeframes (Successor)
0000382: [Feature Request] TQ version - Show latest changes first (Successor)
0000378: [Feature Request] Order tracking - Estimate tax income of trade hubs (Successor)
0000363: [Feature Request] Order tracking - Extend tracker to run orders through troll filter (Successor)
0000380: [Feature Request] Market orders - Create importer via ESI for authed and able to run in parallel (Successor)
0000379: [Feature Request] Market orders - Create importer via ESI for public and able to run in parallel (Successor)
0000362: [Feature Request] Order tracking - Create tracker for performed trades (Successor)
0000377: [Bug] PI - 0% tax causes "Division by zero" errors (Successor)
0000358: [Feature Request] Player statistics - Average across a day (Successor)
0000357: [Feature Request] Player statistics - Limit detailed view to 14 days (Successor)
0000356: [Bug] Structure browser - Error if jump distance used and no return rows (Successor)
0000355: [Feature Request] Market structures - Add column if structure is freeport (Successor)
0000354: [Bug] Top volume orders - Errors for non-freeport structures (Successor)
0000353: [Bug] Structure metrics - Sell order volume is zero for non-freeport markets (Successor)
0000352: [Bug] Structure markets - Sell orders of non-freeport structures not pulled anymore (Successor)
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Not Yet Released
Initial raw site with working SSO login
0000370: [Feature Request] CreditRating - Create history view (Successor)
0000468: [Bug] Loans - "Other loans" shows the current loan too (Successor)
0000466: [Feature Request] Loans - Create a loan information page (Successor)
0000467: [Bug] Loans - Endorsement of own loan (Successor)
0000457: [Feature Request] Wallet - Register and show transfered to and from reserved (Successor)
0000465: [Feature Request] Loans - Have the loan state colored in loan request and loan invest lists (Successor)
0000464: [Bug] Loans - Submitted loan requests have wrong interest and redemption values stored (Successor)
0000463: [Bug] Loans - Requestor credit rating seems to be fixed in requests list (Successor)
0000462: [Bug] Loan - You can invest into your own loan request (Successor)
0000456: [Feature Request] Loans - Show past investments of requester on loan invest page (Successor)
0000455: [Feature Request] Loans - Show investors on loan invest page (Successor)
0000453: [Feature Request] Loans - Allow cancelation of a loan (Successor)
0000452: [Feature Request] Loans - Create a "My loans" page (Successor)
0000451: [Feature Request] Loans - Change load ID to a random ID instead of ascending (Successor)
0000449: [Feature Request] Loan - Create hourly cron to expire loan requests (Successor)
0000450: [Feature Request] Loans - Create a loan status change history (Successor)
0000418: [Feature Request] Lending - Show match history (Successor)
0000417: [Feature Request] Lending - Show current own offers or bid (Successor)
0000411: [Feature Request] Wallet - Show wallet traffic (Successor)
0000410: [Feature Request] Lending - Implement matches (Successor)
0000409: [Feature Request] Lending - Show lending matches (Successor)
0000390: [Feature Request] Loan list - Allow quick actions for invest and endorse (Successor)
0000375: [Feature Request] Loans - Create loan collateral workflow (Successor)
0000389: [Feature Request] Consistency - Add collateral to checks (Successor)
0000374: [Feature Request] Loans - Create loan collateral DB infrastructure (Successor)
0000372: [Feature Request] Consistency - Add loan request and investment checks (Successor)
0000371: [Feature Request] Consistency - Create script to check wallet consistency (Successor)
0000369: [Feature Request] CreditRating - Create formula for posive/negative impact (Successor)
0000368: [Feature Request] CreditRating - Develop system and create DB infrastructure (Successor)
0000367: [Feature Request] Loans - Create loan endorsement workflow (Successor)
0000366: [Feature Request] Loans - Create workflow for loan investments (Successor)
0000365: [Feature Request] Loans - Create loan investment DB infrastructure (Successor)
0000273: [Feature Request] Show bank account balance after login (Successor)
0000359: [Feature Request] Wallet - Split wallet balance into free, reserved and total (Successor)
0000292: [Feature Request] Add a "development instance" header (Successor)
0000291: [Feature Request] Implemented piwik visitor tracking (Successor)
0000290: [Feature Request] Show last login in header (Successor)
0000272: [Feature Request] Create bank account upon first login (Successor)
0000234: [Feature Request] SSO - Implement CCP SSO Login (Successor)
0000233: [Feature Request] Create basic site framework (Successor)
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Not Yet Released
Basic construct with galaxy map and solar systems, user management, ...
0000091: [Feature Request] [MAP] Create solar system map (display only) (Successor)
0000089: [Feature Request] [HP] Create initial homepage (Successor)
0000088: [Feature Request] [MAP] Create galaxy map with connected sectors (display only) (Successor)
0000087: [Feature Request] [MAP] Create sector map with connected stars (display only) (Successor)
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